Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tuesday Ramifications!

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Scott said...

Terrific Tuesday post Koba!

#1) Wow, now that's a great "bathroom break":)

#2) I wonder if anyone on that beach would mind, If I crawled in between those nice man legs and licked his sweaty balls?:):):)

#3) Hey mysterious dude, stay just like that, there's a few places I want to sniff and lick:):)

#4) Some nice tight sweaty buns in those sports shorts:):)

#5) Love it, Whip your cock out fast, some cocksucker comes along, takes your nut, then you both go on your merry way:):)

#6) Hairy legs spread, his button being pushed.. don't let the facial expression fool you, that bottom bitch is enjoying every thrust:)

#7) Yup, that "nut" has to come out out one way or the other:):) BJ, HJ, a good fuck, jerking the gerkin.. any why, we can make it happen.

#8,9#) LOL.. I don't know exactly what's going down, but he's not happy about something, and until he's happy, NO ONE is getting at his cock:(

#10)Woof, those pits, those nips:):)

#11) Bent over hairy legged and ass dude, getting a good f--k,SWEET:)

Thanks Koba