Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thursday Hotness!


Fit Studs said...

I like the 1st one the most & also the daddy jock... ^_^
They could get a 1 night stand from me, haha.

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Thursday hotness is right, Koba, great job!

#1) Love the balls on this young man, there loose, and the classic, one hangs lower than the other:)

#2) Sweet Yellow Rose of Texas.. Don't know why I came up with that. But that is one lovely full dark bush and beautiful "treasure trail". If he starts to leak pre, I want to be right there to lick it up:)

#3) I'd love to be invited to this little round up of beefy dudes, and pull down their sports gear, and give them each head. My, look at the one with the full beard, he has a "treasure trail" from his upper chest what down to the "golden goose":):) Just beautiful:)

#4) Hey handsome, while you pose and smoke your pipe, can I SMOKE your link sausage.. I'm rather hungry, and that looks mighty darn tempting:)

#5) Now that's a dude with a MOUTHFUL:):)

#6) Wow, Ginger Snap, that is one STIFF Cock, some bottom bitch would love that hitting their pleasure button:)

#7) Hey hairy handsome blue-eyed dude, I'll play a game or two of around the world with you.. Remember "winner takes all":):)

#8) Always nice to find love at the gym, their cocks are making nice with each other to:):)

#9) I don't know if he would let me, but I would love to sniff and lick his sweaty pits, but If I get any kind of signal he's not into men, I'm running away real fast.. Those are some nice "guns" on him:)

#10) Wow, now that's a facial and a half. Someone please clean him up before he opens his eyes. What a handsome dude, I would kiss him and then clean him up.

Thanks Koba