Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cock of the Block Contest!

Good Sunday morning dudes, and happy Easter to all of you who celebrate it! It's time once again to choose a new Cock of the Block who will reign supreme over Soliloquies for the week ahead! As you know, there are only two simple rules that I ask you to follow: please vote only once and please vote for only one cock. That said, the men are all ready, the poll is now open, so let the voting begin, and may the best cock win!

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US Supreme Court Decisions

As many of you know, the US Supreme Court has been involved this week with cases dealing with same-sex marriage. I came acroass the following comment left on the New York Times website that I feel I simply must repost. The message is extremely articulate and succinct. It is, once again, attributed to a commenter on the website of the New York Times: "The Supreme Court does not exist to serve as a parental unit. Its justices are not there to decide if and when we "are ready" to accept equal treatment for all of our citizens. It is a court of law, and whether it is reviewing DOMA or Roe v. Wade, the merits of a case should decide the outcome, not some vague notion of whether we can handle it. It's all well and good to develop consensus through state initiatives and local voting booths, but some issues are a broad matter of human rights and fairness, and we the people have shown many times that we are fully capable of putting our own prejudices before the rights of others. This is why the Supreme Court plays such a key role in making the tough calls that protect democracy, the constitution, and human rights in this country. Let's hope the justices stop acting like father/mother knows best and start doing their jobs. Justice waits for no one."

More Reader Pics!

Hey dudes! Hope you are all having a good hump day! I've got another hot reader submission for your viewing pleasure! Our friend is from the beautiful nation of Italia and he has submitted a couple of times in the past. He's got a succulent uncut cock, a terrific bush, hairy chest and legs, and big, plump balls! The whole meal deal! Grazie mille, my friend for sending this in, and please don't hesitate to shoot a few more our way! Who wants a cum shot from this guy?? As always, please show your appreciation in the comments section and send in your very own hot pics to KOBAPHOTOS@GMAIL.COM

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