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Friday, April 29, 2011

More Reader Pics!

Hey dudes, I hope your Friday is treating you well! Here's a bonus treat for your viewing pleasure as we head into the weekend... This is dude's second appearance on Soliloquies as a matter of fact. He's 35 years old and hails from San Diego. He looks great in those white boxers, but even better out of them! He's got a big, thick cock and a nicely trimmed bush. And as you can see, those balls of his produce quite a load when called on! Thanks man for sending these in! I apologize for the delay in posting them! I do have a bit of a backlog in reader submissions, but I promise I will get to them on the weekend and next week!

As always, please show your appreciation in the comments section and send in your very own hot pics to KOBAPGOTOS@GMAIL.COM

Thank God it's FRIDAY!!

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