Friday, March 11, 2016

Thank God it's Friday!

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Scott said...

Fantastic Friday post Koba!

#1) Now these kind of dudes I love to see in the showers, why? "NO MANSAPING EVER"...LOL.. Do love me a hairy guy that has hair, where he's supposed to have it... Woof... Oh let me make one thing perfectly clear, if this dude is totally bald on top of his head... SO What.. that's nature to, working it's spell on us males. Sometimes a totally bald hard with hairy legs and ass is a freaking turn-on:)

#2) OH so sweet.. "Come in from the rain".. Yes my gayness is coming out tonight.. Liza Minnelli, sings it like nobody else can. You can find her whole 198O's HBO concert on YOU Tube.. And if you don't get a chuckle out of "Arthur in the Afternoon", your really having a depressed day. Sorry for going on Koba.

#3) 3 fine looking young men, with nice pieces of their man-hood.

#4) I get a boner every time I see this guy, I don't know if it's that fine thick uncut cock with that nice dark bush, or those sexy well-shaped man-legs. Just one nice body.

#5) OH my, would I EVER, love to give him head, nice cock and loose balls..

#6) Hey handsome while the sun is in yeah eyes, I'm being a dirty old man, and trying to get a good look, up your shorts, to find the wiggly worm:):)

#7) Take a good whiff, can you smell the masculine scent coming from these two hot wrestlers, I can:)

#8) I do love to visit a GH, now and then, something, just so naughty about them...

#9) UMMMMM, Koba we discussed this before, please let me know when you "catch me in action"....LOL... Hell keep "cuming" boys, I can handle more than the three of you... A "cocksucker's" job is never done.

#10) I'd clean that up in a NY second, If I'm horny... it's weird if I get off first or not horny, I don't particularly love the taste of man-goo, but If I'm horny, I go crazy for it..

Thanks Koba....

Now, I'm going to watch Liza Minnelli, New Orleans concert, HBO special.. you can find little gems like that on Your tube.. Her last song "The World goes Round and Round" is great to... OK, Enough...LOL...