Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday (St. Patrick's Day) Hotness!

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Anonymous said...

Scott said...

ST Paddy's Day, never looked so good.. great job Koba!

#1) OH dark Ginger Snap, love to have your hairy body on top of me... Oh yes I'm assuming you almost hairy everyplace:)

#2,3) OH, what looks like a very handsome fun loving dude. Love to go on a date with this dude, be very interesting. An heck he so packing in those nice tight boxer briefs:) This dude could wear his hair long or short and I bet it would look great either way:):)

#4) F--k, what not to like.. Man nice awesome chest, great arms, and one nice slab of man-meat:)

#5,6) OH buddy with the great body, please don't cover up that fine chocolate covered BANANA:)

#7) Handsome dude, with a nice compact body.. Woof.. Nice underwear to buddy boy:)

#8) I think these young man, are going to do just fine taking care of this gentleman's cock:)

#9) LOl.. This dude is in the spirit of the holiday, wearing that green skit. Nice legs, and looks like some nice balls.

#10) OMG... I just found love..ok maybe just lust.. but whatever you want to call it... Freaking Woof, Woof..

#11) SWEET, Bearded hairy guys, enjoy the COCK:):):)

#12) Looks like Army dude, is taking care of his buddy, like only a buddy can, when there is no women around:):)

#13) Now that's the kind of facial expression you give, when someone is "servicing" you. While that cocksucker is on the head, I'd love to be on those fine loose balls:):)

Thanks Koba