Monday, March 14, 2016

Back to the grind...


ddaffy10 said...

I love a man in sunglasses

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Great Monday post Koba!

#1) Oh yeah baby, I do love me a "gang" shower style type at the gym, If my gym ever goes to curtain, or doors, I'll take my money elsewhere. My gym is almost set up exactly like this:)

#2) Ah Spring is fast approaching, set up the grill for the foot-long dogs:)

#3) Now those are some big assed arms, and his traps are tremendous. Do love a dude with some meat on his bones:)

#4) The "classic" cocksucker dream, hand gently behind your head, eyes closed, and a mouth full of thick meat:)

#5) SWEET.. the boys sharing a good hearty meal:) I'm sure there will be no clean up, these young man will catch every bit of his man-seed.

#6) Wow, blessed with gorgeous eyes, handsome looks, nice body, and one BEAUTIFUL thick uncut cock:) Woof

#7) Man, the boys today have some long dongs.. just a pleasure to look at.. and my what a tall dude.. has to be at least 6ft5:):)

#8) OH my, with that grab, that wrestler, is definitely going to have some sore BLUE BALLS.. hope he's wearing his cup!!! Love how the young ladies are totally oblivious to this "nut match".. I bet some dudes though, didn't miss it:)

#9) F--k ya, someone just nutted, or is about to... Great job cocksucker:):)

#10) Now this dude, got his money worth, for this Monday night "facial":):):):)

Thanks Koba