Monday, March 21, 2016

Back to the Grind...


uncle barry said...

#1 "I've told you Boyfriend don't bend over in the shower" That's why they make soap on rope 😂

Anonymous said...

Scott siad...

Great post Koba!

#1) If this pic doesn't motivate dudes into dudes into joining a gym, I don't know what will..LOL.. but true for me:) AND I DON't believer for one second, if you into guys, you don't check them out in the locker room (discreetly of course).

#2) Now that's the best way to spend your coffee break, Cock in your mouth, always makes the day go by faster:)

#3) OH my goodness, I think someone is going to end up with a "HAPPY ENDING" massage:) that is one nice cock, indeed.

#4) Man if I was his boss, or coworker, I would get "behind" him and push::):)

#5) That is one lucky cocksucker. One nice piece of meat in his mouth, and the owner of the cock is a very cute young man:)

#6) Simply RED, this athlete has a fantastic butt:):)

#7) OMG... NOTHING MORE TO SAY, about this handsome strapping dude:)

#8) hell ya, grab those fine butt cheeks and get right in there. I love rimming a dudes butt..

#9) Oh handsome, get on that cock already, before he changes his mind:)

#10) MY, MY, there's my handsome man Mr, Paul Wagner (with that awesome chest of his) enjoying a great meal for himself.. He's like a cute puppy dog:)

Thanks Koba