Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thursday Hotness!


Anonymous said...

love the cock on guy no.1

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wow, Thursday Hotness indeed Koba!

#1) Wow, hard abs, hard arms, and one hell of a HARD COCK:)

#2) Woof, Woof, I love all kinds of men, but man I think I'm partial to the hairy dudes, and this is one hot hairy looking dude. Woof again:)

#3) F--k ya, no question that these are two men going at it...LOL... That very lucky cocksucker, chowing down on a very thick piece of man-meat.

#4) "Apples" never looked so good:)

#5) Now that's what called "letting the dog out"..LOl..

#6) I love seeing men kiss, SO SWEET:)

#7) Are you kidding me... How can anyone looks so gd hot, Man oh man, that is one sexy dude. And boys and boys, that is one nice mushroom capped head that is confined in that musky jock:)

#8) Oh buddy, I would try to get "milk" out of that beautiful nipple:)

#9) Now that's the ticket... A Hairy Pit lover, like myself. Nothing like a good whiff and lick of a sweaty pit... Thanks Koba, you know how to push my buttons.

#10) WOW, look at that belly fur, that thick bush, that wonderful cock, and the sweet "nectar" of the gods:)

Thanks Koba