Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tuesday Ramifications

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Scott said...

Terrific Tuesday post Koba!

#1) Looks, like the boys found a "seedy" place to catch their nut at lunchtime:):)

#2) OH my, two Ginger Snaps, taking care of each other:), One likes to give the other receive, nothing wrong with that, in my book.

#3) Hey buddy, if you tell me where you are, I'll come take care of that raging boner for you:)

#4) Oh boy, I think the dudes took a run, and now this is there cool down period...LOL..:)

#5) Love to get up close and personal, while these dudes, do the humpty hump:)

#6) Ah masculine scents and juices all around:)

#7) My, someone's buns, are being "buttered":)

#8) Hey buddy, don't be embarrassed, nature is taking it's course, you can take care of it, in the locker room:)

#9) AH, Spring is in the air:)

#10) With that thick cock in his hole, he won't be able to sleep, until the top get's his "nut" off:)

Thanks Koba