Saturday, March 12, 2016



Anonymous said...

I love your selection of pics! This time, my favorite is the wet one :-P

Got me hard right away!

THX for all the hard work you invest in your blog! :-)

Koba said...

Thanks Anon! Always appreciate the feedback!

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Super Saturday post Koba!

#1) Well that tub, might be to small for this handsome, hairy longed legged dude, but if he tried to sit up, I would love to wash his back for him:)

#2) LOl.. I usually don't make funny comments on a tender moment, but I can resist this time. Man, oh man, pretty soon their cocks will be as stiff as their fishing poles:) On a serious note, two hot muscular dudes enjoy a nice kiss:) Love it.

#3) Stay just like that handsome, I want to take the sniff test on that nice hairy pit of yours, ah hell well I'm at it, I"ll suck a "nut" out of you. That's if you don't mind?:)

#4) Oh young man, would you mind if I took a little nibble of that sweet nip of yours????:):)

#5) OH my, Koba, you got me all horny to get my tongue on some nips tonight, there coming from all directions, this dude has some fine sniff ones. Mighty fine hairy chest to.:)

#6) Oh buddy, your getting some fine head, by a hot dude, show the love:)

#7) Now that's more like it, this dude will be spewing man-goo very soon, for both these lucky "cocksuckers":):)

#8) LMFAO.. (Well actually my ass isn't fat, I must say, I have a rather nice tushy, just wish I had a hairy butt) Oh, right, back to the pic.. Now that's how two young wrestlers can get off in front of spectators and no one thinks twice about it.. It's call the covered "Humpty Hump" many wrestlers do it..

#9) Don't know what he's chewing on, maybe "tubesteak", anyways, he's a handsome naked dude, so, it's thumbs up for me:):)

#10) Someone's taking a different approach to bath time. Hey at least the water is warm and very clear:)

Thanks Koba