Saturday, March 5, 2016


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Scott said...

Super Saturday post Koba!

#1) Love is Grand. Wow, those are some big feet on the lover with his feet on the floor

#2) Oh your handsome Colby, with that sly smile and nice cock and balls:)

#3) Ah, the boys enjoying some Summer time fun:) SWEET

#4)Love to meet that gladiator on the subway:)

#5) Wow, nice arms dude, and my what a stiff cock:)

#6) LOL.. I guess it's true what they say about your shoe size:):):)

#7) This pic always turns me on. Big boy getting sucked off by his cock hungry smaller buddy:):)

#8) Woof... nothing else to say.. except, ah heck Woof.. that is one mighty fine "package" in those tighty whities:):)

#9) Holy hot socks Batman, that is one big slab of beef between those legs:)

#10) Ah my favorite cock the "medium thickie" spewing out some man-goo:):)

Thanks Koba