Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thursday Hotness!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Terrific Thursday post Koba!

#1) That face, that chest, nice dick, hell nice everything:)

#2) Heck, I have a good feeling he wouldn't even have to be tied up, and he would be more than happy to chow down on your cock:)

#3) Let me IN:):) Sometimes life is good, being in the pits:):)

#4) This handsome blue-eyed dude, has great bulges in a few places:)

#5) With those puppy-dog eyes, and that furry belly, of course I'll suck your cock, and swallow your "nut":)

#6) Yup, that's all you need, a gentle handle behind his head, he's not going anywhere.. Why? HE LOVES COCK:)

#7) Just a beautiful sight indeed:) Well that's if you like cock, and I do:)

#8) It's in his kiss:)

#9) Give me 2 seconds, and I'll be on your cock, faster than you can say, "DO YOU SWALLOW?

#10) Whoa, did he ever need that nut to cum out!! Now beddie bye time:)

Thanks Koba

ddaffy10 said...

One is so hot but 3 could make me a happy man as well.

uncle barry said...

I really need to know the guy getting the blow job in #6 😲

Fit Studs said...

First dude, pretty please!!!