Friday, March 18, 2016

Thank God it's Friday!


Vincent Francky said...

omg !!! It's hot !!

Men du jour said...

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Fantastic Friday posting Koba

OH yeah, young man, soap up the big guy. You be good to him, and I KNOW he'll be GOOD to you:):)

#2) Oh my Leo, I think that dingy bed room is making you SO HORNY. I would love to come and join you:)

#3) Don't know exactly what's going down here, BUT, I do know someone is certainly doing some serious "packing":)

#4) Lucky Bastard, feasting on a some fine dark meat:):)

#5) YUMMMY, Yummy, I want to suck his cock and get his cum in my TUMMY:):)

#6) YUP, that's my mission, I going to fall in love by Summer:):) LOL.. now that a "happy" couple.

#7) Is there a man alive, that doesn't wish he could do this. I tried and I failed:(

#8) Wow, that's a THICK slab of pure man-meat, that "cocksucker" must be in heaven. I'd love to help him out by taking care of the big boy's balls:) Ah heck, I would also like to tweak the cocksucker's nip.

#9) Hey that's what buddies are for. And THEY SWALLOW:):)

#10) That is one LONG DONG, giving that young lad his protein shake for the evening:):)

Thanks Koba

ddaffy10 said...

I would be a happy man with picture one and picture four is hot too.