Monday, February 29, 2016

Back to the grind...

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Scott said...

Magnificent Monday post Koba!

#1) OMG, serioulsy, this shower dude gave me a boner!!! This pic will get me to the gym today for a workout and then "shower" time. Look at that body, hair and muscle in ALL the right places, and that is one fine piece he has between his legs, with fat balls:) YOWZA

#2) Koba your killing me today...LOL.. That is one lucky dude (and I'm talking about the one doing the work) Man, what a picnic he's having, licking some nice nuts and getting a taste of musky man taint:):)

#3) Oh yes the boys with the nice crisp white shirts and nice polished shoes, are having a great "coffee break":):)

#4) Somebody's happy playing ball:)

#5) I have a feeling this young man, does not mind being tied up one bit. The cock never lies:):)

#6) Woof, I do like the way swimmer's are built. Ah, just a little lower and we would see the family jewels:):)

#7) Yes, balls, do give boys boners...LOL.. handsome smiling lad at that:)

#8) F-ck, let me have the dude in pic#1 and this dude, in a three-some, I would think I died and went to heaven. Wow, those mysterious beautiful eyes, that awesome hairy chest, those arms, those hunky hairy legs. And that is one of the finest cocks I have seen. The slgihtly larger "medium thickie", with a beautiful capped mushroom head, with nice balls. This dude has to be a model. Man how could I forget to mention that awesome tummy fur, and beautiful treasure trail.

#9) Ah, a "cocksucker" enjoying a delicious meal. Now don't forget to lightly lick his balls. Don't worry he will reward you with a nice sticky mess:)

#10) Hell ya, someone just had quick anonymous sex, and got what he "came" for:):)

Great job Koba..A++++++++++++++