Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thursday Hotness!

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Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Terrific Thursday post Koba!!

#1) Now these buddies know a good place to have lunch:)

#2) OH boy, now that's a nice way to spend a warm afternoon with your bro's:)

#3) LOL... Um I wonder if it's true, about what they say about the size of a dude's antler's:):).. this young man seems like a good sport..

#4) Yummy, would I like to be sharing his cheesecake with this handsome tattooed dude, with that nice piece of uncut man-meat:)

#5) I love a handsome hairy smiling dude, showing us his man-pussy:)

#6) Love to walk into that bathroom, and help this hard, hairy dude out:)

#7) Woof, strong dude, with one beautiful "treasure trail":)

#8) Someone's happy to be on the team:)

#9) Cock... I love it... and by the looks of it, so doesn't this lucky "cocksucker":)

#0) Sweet, this dude just made someone very happy with his mouth:)

Thanks Koba