Monday, February 22, 2016

Back to the grind...



Anonymous said...

Love that your last photo in series is almost always an illustration of the "mouth full of hot semen" theme. Nice, poetic, coda.

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Marvelous Monday post Koba!

#1) Oh yes indeed, I have played with a dude's dong in the showers, and have had mine played with. Just have to be fast, and make sure you know your surroundings (aka: if any uptight "straights" are around).

#2) Yup another I have accomplished, ONLY if your gym has a little hide-a-way corner, I have stuck my tongue up a sweaty musky hole or two:):)

#3) OH handsome Army dude, you deserve some down time, playing with your sausage:) I should be over there, taking care of all you service guys:)

#4) Wow one good looking dude, getting his thick meat, taking care of, by a good looking "cocksucker":)

#5) This working lad took some time off, to find a eager "cocksucker":)

#6) Well you getting your jock all stinky, can I take care of those fine nips of yours, then I'll suck your cock, while you smell you own funky jock:) OH yes, I will take a whiff to.

#7) OH my, I'll come back to this little gem, and see how many of these young jocks are showing their meat. Man that is one sausage fest, I would like to see in the locker room afterwards:)

#8) Wouldn't mind getting up real close and getting a whiff of these two wrestlers. I one in the red, is really getting into this wrestling match:)

#9) Now that's a great full cocksucker, he's looking up with those beautiful eyes and saying "thank you", this will make me have a great day, especially, when you give me your "nut":)

#10) Ah yes, "mission accomplished", now time for a nice snuggley nap:)

Thanks Koba

Pablow said...

That next to last pic is SOOOO hot!