Saturday, February 13, 2016



Anonymous said...

I would die a happy man to have number three in my live and my bed

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Koba, just what I needed today, a Hot posting. The National Weather Service has issued a wind chill WARNING for Central Mass, from 4:00 pm Saturday Afternoon till noon Sunday. Yikes..

#1) Yup another "happy" camper, I just gave him awesome head, and he's being playful, because I swallowed his warm "nut":):) I do aim to please:)

#2) Looking mighty damn fine Leo:) Just like a bowl of warm "MIGHTY FINE Pudding".. Delicious:):)

#3) Ah, the boys bonding.. Love it:):)

#4) Fu-k... Please let me in that bed with you handsome, on what is going to be a very cold night. And don't you worry after I get warm under those hairy pits of yours, I'll get under the cover and take care of that hard cock:):) Then we can cuddle, or you can bang me, your choice:)

#5) Please you tease, take them off.. I have to seen that cock:) Nice legs down, now that some serious time at the gym:)

#6) Oh yeah, young man, stay just like that, I going to rim you so good, and then lick those nice "eggs" of yours:)

#7) Hey buddy, If you need me to shake the last few drops off, I be more than happy to. You want head, while I'm at it:)

#8) Wow, now if he's with me tonight, I'll make him breakfast. Look at that fine "rump roast" of his. Awesome arms to:)

#9) Woof.. Hey you hot looking smiling handsome dude, why don't you ring in Valentine's Day, by letting me give you head:) I have a couple of hot chocolate, coffee, hell a cup of anything with you.

#10) NOW, that's how you stay warm on a cold day or night, bury you tongue in a hot hairy hole:):)

Thanks Koba.. You warmed the cockles of my heart today:)

hot guy of the day said...

Leo Giamani (2nd photo)... <3