Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thursday Hotness!


Anonymous said...

Ok the last picture is hot. But give me the two men and the car.

Anonymous said...

Scott Said...

Terrific Thursday post Koba!

#1) Yes indeed, I think these teammates, will take care of each other's "blue balls" after the match:)

#2) Hey big boy, after your piss, come join me in the showers, sans the underwear:)

#3) Think these love birds are enjoying that kiss very much. A hard cock never lies:)

#4) I think these two have other ideas, besides admiring that hot car:)

#5) SWEET.. Both men's needs are being taken care of:)

#6) This hot striaghtie, always gets me hard (hell I don't know if he's straight or not, but it's my fantasy, so be it) I wonder if his gf is away, and he will let me PLAY. Look at that beautiful piece of meat:)

#7) Things are looking "up" for this smiling cutie:)

#8) Lucky "cocksucker", heck I could chow down on a couple of dogs myself, right about now:)

#9) WOW... (nothing more to say):):):):):)

#10) I'm SO hard, right now, that "cocksucker" did a great job.. look at all that milk:):)

Thanks Koba

Xiro said...

El chico alto de la cuata foto, se parece mucho a mi chico en el prototipo físico. Le conocí en la Universidad y le gustaba mucho el deporte. Enseguida intimidamos y conocí el potencial sexual de su verga.

Hot Studs said...

The big dude by the car is quite nice, wanna hug him!