Monday, February 8, 2016

Back to the grind...


Tom (Spain) said...

I would vote #9 for Cock of the Block Contest!

uncle barry said...

I would definitely love to grind with #1 in the middle with #8

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wow, one magnificent post Koba!

#1) As gay or bi men, we have learned to not "spring" a boner in the locker room showers, BUT, I'm telling you if I saw this well armed dude in the showers, I think I would have one RAGING HARDON, that I could not hide:)

#2) Just plain beautiful where nature has placed his fur, and by what a nice bush and wonderful cock:)

#3) Wow, another nice furry tummy, nice pit, and great looking dick:)

#4) Hey cutie, I'd love to have a "sword" fight with you anytime you want:)

#5) Show-off...LOL... yes indeed be proud of that nice dark pit. There are people in this word that have a fetish for them, but I won't mention any names:) Sniff, Sniff, lick, lick..

#6) Don't push too hard buddy-boy, I'm sure that "cocksucker" know's exactly what he's doing. Your being making the "boy batter" soon enough.

#7) Oh just come and f--k the daylights out of me! (and I don't spread my tight hole that often) Woof

#8) Looking good, Irish boy:):)

#9) Yup, you guessed it, "pigs in a blanket", for breakfast tomorrow.

#10) Oh yes indeed, after you get the "nut" off, you can have a slight grin, and feel so RELAXED, heck you worked "hard" for it.

Thanks Koba