Monday, February 15, 2016

Back to the grind...


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Magnificent Monday post Koba!

#1) Oh hell ya, one of the bennies for joining the gym, the after workout shower. You see all kinds of prime man meat:)

#2) Dude, you can tackle me anytime after football practice, especially before you shower:)

#3) LMAO.. Well I have to admit, after you "nut", you can think much clearer, his day should go much smoother after the "seed" goes into that hungry "cocksucker":)

#4) Now, that's a nice relaxing way to take a "coffee break":)

#5) Hell nothing wrong with "multi-tasking".:) LOL...

#6) Heck I see nothing wrong with pissing in the shower, as long as you buddy doesn't mind, and I don't think he minds. NOW BRUSHING YOUR TEETH IN THE SHOWER AT THE GYM IS FU-KING GROSS:( AND YES SOME DO IT:(

#7) OH well dressed handsome bearded dude, Please can I take care of that BIG, Thick problem you having:)

#8) Now this "cocksucker" know's what he's doing, a light touch or gentle pull of the dudes balls is always a nice gesture:)

#9) I love to see the boys working and playing nice:):)

#10) Protein builds muscle, and what a way to get your daily allowance of the potent vitamin:):):):)

Thanks Koba

Fit Studs said...

The uniformed & the fit dudes...
Hell ya! I want 'em, badly. :D