Saturday, January 3, 2015



Queer Heaven said...

Ok...just stop righ tnow and send that Dick in the second photo ot me!

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Maybe I"m just real horny this morning Koba, but man oh man, one great post, lots of nice "Sish ka-bob's" (aka: COCK)...LOL...

#1) Hey handsome, I wouldn't mind having a cup of coffee with you at all..AT ALL:):)

#2) Wow.. a meal and a Half.. nice thick cock and fat balls:)

#3) Holy curved uncut cock, it's a beauty, and handsome tattooed dude to boot:):)

#4) Hey happy young man, can I get between those hairy legs of yours and suck on that nice cock:)

#5) What a cutie, with just the right amount of body hair in all the "manly places". That is one beautiful dark "treasure trail":) I can't blame the other dude for making a "mess" on him.

#6) While he's going down on the salami, I love to tongue that pink "pucker" :)

#7) Wow, nice chest, abs, and oh yeah, that is a nice piece of meat:)

#8) That a boy chow down on that thick cock, and don't forget about his fat balls. There must be a major wad in those babies:)

#9) Sniff, Sniff... oh yes indeed, I would do him from head to toe..

#10) Nice relaxing with a beer after your "SPENT":):)

Thanks Koba.. hot post