Saturday, January 10, 2015



Queer Heaven said...

Happy weekend to you!
I hope there is some good cum waiting for you.

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wow hot Warrior post Koba, on this cold football day here in Mass. The Pat's playing the Baltimore Ravens.

#1) Hell this gives me a "chub" hairy legs, dudes with hot cocks, wool socks, and long johns.. so masculine:)

#2) Oh yeah, he's making me breakfast, I do love my bacon. I stayed at his place last night, and he says I gave him the best head he's after had:)

#3) Now that young man knows how to stay warm and cozy looking at the snow outside, by playing with his warm meat:)

#4) Ah the young man is deep in thought now, maybe thinking about calling a fuck buddy to help him keep his balls warm.

#5) Wow, I could spend all evening watching this dude stretching:) or well he's stretching I wouldn't mind getting a taste of that fine looking cock:)

#6) Woof, Woof, Hot, Happy, Hairy dude:):) Great legs:):)

#7) Well I guess a little "manscaping" is all right.. Just a little though:)

#8) Nice, real nice, could watch this perky cock all night, unless I get one of my own to admire walking my way:)

#9) That a boy, take his seed.. he will love you for it:)

#10) Um, ah, checking if the coast is clear, so he can enjoy a good meat:):):)

Thanks Koba..