Saturday, January 31, 2015

In praise of male pubic hair...


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

I'll second that Koba... love men with a bush, and not shaved, that it makes their cock look like a chicken with it's head cut off:( Wow some HOT men here....

#1) Wow, would I love to get on this dudes dark hairy pits:)

#2) Yummy, nice chest hair, and treasure trail:)

#3) I find this guy very mysterious and sexy as hell, and that is one delicious cock and balls:)

#4) SWEET... love that tuft of bush coming through his briefs:) very nice legs to.

#5) Awesome chest and nice showing bush:)

#6) Hey handsome looks like some nice hanging nuts, that I would like to make them do some "ball room dancing":)

#7) F--k me hard... I'm in love, Look at that well placed fur.. and the COCK is to die for:):):) WOOF, WOOF... I'm in love...

#8) Hey buddy, after you dry off, and I home you with that "chub" you have:)

#9) Very interesting and handsome dude.. I don't have any tats, but love on them on some guys, and this is one... Love what he's packing:) he wouldn't have to tie me down to suck his cock... I would be on that faster than "Johnny be Good":)

#10) Wow... AWEsome hair legs, and those pits, those pits, YES those pits:):)

#11) F--k, I would bury my nose so deep in this dudes crotch.. and clean his cock with my tongue after he jizzed out:):)

Thanks for the treat Koba:):)

Anonymous said...

All hot, but the second guy, with the glasses and the socks, trims his pubic hair. You can see that straight line of hair above his penis. Gotta have full bush to excite me!