Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday Hotness!


Anonymous said...

From all of us guys with the nipple fetish, THANK YOU for #2. I'll be fantasizing about this man for a while...

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Hot Diggity Dog Thursday!!!!

#1) What a nice creamy mess this hairy beast just cranked out:)

#2) Wow, would I love to tweak those nips on this smiling cutie:)

#3) I wouldn't mind being in that audience watching this bulging wrestlers go at it:)

#4) You stay propped up like that young man, I'll be there in a few to take "care" of you:)

#5) I so can identify when I see a dude sucking cock:):)

#6) Oh yeah, from head to toe, head to toe.. I would do you up:)

#7) Oh yes, I agree with you young man, nice bulge:)

#8) Holy F--k, where do I start.. look at that nice thick cock, great arms, and this nips:):)

#9) OH yeah, both getting what they want:):)

#10) Hell ya, a dirty musky jock and make you have a great "nut":):)

Thanks Koba...

Koba said...

Thanks guys! And I agree, the nipples on No. 2 are sweet!