Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday Hotness!


karl said...

lovely simply lovely...

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Thursday hotness is right, just what I need after two days of shoveling snow... Thanks Koba

#1) Wow HOT beefy hairy men, touching each other.. and what a nice uncut cock...SWEET:)

#2) Man, this dude spends some serious time at the gym. Look at those traps, chest, arms, abs, and thoe legs.. Like what he's "packing" to:):)

#3) Holy Foot Long Batman, I could go for a dog right about now:)

#4) Ah, chocolate milk, it does a body good:)

#5) Oh my, someone has a vice grip on a dudes "package" and I don't think he minds at all:)

#6) Pure heaven, that sum this pic up:):):):)

#7) Fu-k ya, quick anonymous head, get in the car, place cock in mouth, take his nut, and off you go:)

#8) Love to get between those hairy legs and take care of this dude's "problem":)

#9) Wow, slender waist that leads down to what looks like a huge cock:)

#10) And that's what it's all about boys and boys..."getting your nut off".

Thnaks Koba..

Anonymous said...

who's the guy giving head in pic #4? he's fucking hot!