Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thursday Hotness!

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Scott said...

Nice, real nice Thursday Hotness post Koba

#1) Ah the simple pleasures of life, having your nose buried in a dude's ass:)

#2) I can't actually pin-point why this pic gets my "butter churning" but it does, Big time:)

#3) Woof, Woof, Woof, Hey bearded big boy, like your "guns" and those hunky legs of yours:)

#4) I wouldn't mind getting between those hairy thighs to get at Prince Albert:)

#5) Oh yes a feast about to be had:)

#6) Heck, I see nothing wrong with having a "cocktail" in the liquor store:)

#7) Lucky Bastard, and make and drink his own protein shake:):)

#8) Ah a "piss boner" Wow:):)

#9) Why not, your home alone, play with the boys:)

#10) Now that's a respectful dude, doesn't want to glue his "cocksucker" buddy eyes shut:)

Thanks Koba