Saturday, January 17, 2015


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Scott said...

Weekend's are especially nice with pics like these Koba.

#1) So cute.. young love:)

#2) First I'm going to buy this mysterious dude a mattress for his bed, then going to warm him up with a great BJ on that nice uncut cock of his:)

#3) Oh yeah, as soon as this dude cranks a nut out, he be off to slumber land, like those young lover's are:)

#4) Wouldn't mind sharing a hot cup of tea with this bearded dude, not one bit:)

#5) Looks like some mighty big balls in that jock made that fine sticky mess that is about to spill on the floor:)

#6) Hey handsome hairy dude, can I tweak that nip for you, and then work my way down your "treasure trail" and get at those beautiful man feet of yours:)

#7) Oh yeah, take in the smells before he unleashes that nice piece of man-meat he's packing:)

#8) Sometimes nothing hotter, then an anonymous quick blow and go:)

#9) Hey long legged dude, like to sniff those pits and get a nut of that nice cock of yours. Fat balls to:):)

#10) These two studs are certainly happy to see each other:):)

Thanks Koba.. Hot post