Friday, January 16, 2015

Thank God it's Friday!

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Scott said...

With hot pics like these, Fridays are even better.

#1) Oh yeah, might not be a gym shower but that's the eye candy that I'll be looking for today at the gym:)

#2) Wow, this bad boy, could have his way with me, and I would have no say in the matter:) Nice arms

#3) I love to bring this sun-bathing "hottie" another Lipton ice tea, so I could get a whiff of those hopefully funky pits, and get a peek at what he's packing:)

#4) Someone's about to have his button poked:)

#5) Nice, real nice, could watch this "little gem" all day. That is one nice uncut cock flopping out of those jeans:)

#6) F--k, ya, you definitely have to open your mouth wide to fit that big mushroom head in your mouth. What a beauty:):):) That is one lucky Bastard ah, make that two lucky bastards, the cocksucker's and the owner of that thick piece of man-meat:)

#7) Now there's a dude that likes a firm grip:):)

#8) AHHHHHHH, I just "creamed" in my boxer briefs. Yes beefy hairy dudes, do that to me..Woof,Woof:):)

#9) Fresh faced cutie, might be getting a facial, once he really starts on the fine looking cock:)

#10) Beautiful Back and Bum-Bum on this tall dude with those sweet loose Balls. Wonder if anyone is looking in, while he's looking out:):)

#11) If I have my way tonight, I'll be doing exactly what this lucky "cocksucker" is doing:):)

Thanks Koba, nice post, made me really hungry for cock, as USUAL:)