Monday, January 12, 2015

Back to the Grind!

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Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Hot Back to the grind post Koba..

#1) Oh yeah, a fine GIF, that young man doesn't mind giving us a peek while he showers. Nice tushy on him, and that indeed looks like a fine piece of meat that's hanging:)

#2) OH my, that's a nice thick curved cock that's heading to the showers:)

#3) F--k ya, been there, done that, and hope to KEEP doing it (yes I'm the one on my knees):):)

#4) Hot looking man, with a hot body:)

#5) OH guys, I can spot that cock anywhere!!!! That's our man Girth Brooks, he played a teacher in this "little gem" and the student was under the desk ... HOT, HOT.. In my next life, nature's going to bless me with a cock like Girth Brooks:):)

#6) So nice, sharing a fine, yes fine piece of man-meat:):)

#7) Koba you could show this hunk everday of the week, and I would not mind at all.. Love that curved thick cocks and great loose balls:):) oh yeah, and hairy dude in all the right places:)

#8) That's the ticket, not to slow, not to fast.. you"ll have him "nutting" in no time:)

#9) Even with his hands untied, I don't think he would stop this lucky cocksucker:)

#10) Hot cocksuscking going on today... BAllS DEEP.. He better like man-goo, because when this dude nuts, that cocksucker isn't going anywhere..

Thanks Koba