Friday, January 23, 2015

Thank God it's Friday!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wow Koba, thank you for the hot Friday post:)

#1) LOL.. I think his cock is trying to tell him this way to the sauna:) (where a good time can be had)

#2) Oh big boy, I wish my locker was beside yours:):) and by the looks of it, your happy someone is going to make you feel good:)

#3) Oh my, big bad leather boys, with nice biceps, maybe making plans for later on:)

#4) Wow, I love how that chocolate milk is dispensed:):):)

#5) Wow, this is one time, I'm not envious of the "cocksucker". While he's getting a mouthful, I would be on those hairy funky pits of his:):):):)

#6) LMAO.. Well that's one way on saving on bottled water:)

#7) Dude you have great legs.. ah hell you have it all..nice body indeed:)

#8) In a heartbeat.. do like my men with some "meat" on their bones:)

#9) F--k, I know I'm supposed to be looking at that fine cock about to enter the "pucker", but I want that big toe in my mouth:) oh and I see he's a little "leaky":)

#10) Hell, that burning jizz, will cause the fire alarm to go off, not to mention all the horny dudes in the other building watching:):)

Hot post Koba.. Thanks to you, I'm hornier then a hound-dog for this weekend.. Maybe a storm coming, love to get a couple of strapping beefy hairy men trapped in here with me:)

a{GAY}tekeeper{iam} said...

Thank God indeed