Friday, January 30, 2015

Thank God it's Friday!

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Scott said...

Hot Friday post Koba...

#1) Top priority tomorrow, hit the gym and the gym showers, been slacking of.. to much snow shoveling, but I need to see some "eye candy".

#2) Fu-k ya, definitely hitting the gym tomorrow, when I can see the real deal:):)

#3) Oh yeah, your sporting some nice shades and a nice stiff bone:)

#4) Leo, enjoying a good "cocksucker"... don't forget about Leo's nice fat balls:)

#5) Nice body, mysterious dude:)

#6) Wow now that's a nice slab of thick dark meat:)

#7) Oh my, I think someone is going to be touched in places he's never been touched before by a MAN:)

#8) Nice fat dongs on these fine young men:)

#9) Wow, this dude is staying well hydrated with those hoses:):)

#10) Think someone has a jock fetish:)

Thanks Koba