Saturday, January 31, 2015

Weekend Warriors!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Nice, real nice weekend Warriors Koba, I needed to see these hot pics. Another Snowstorm expected to drop about a foot of snow here in Mass, starting Late Sunday night into Monday, Yikes...

#1) Yes, indeed I'm hitting the gym today, I hope I see this Big Boy in the showers:)

#2) OH my someone is all tied up and nowhere to go, but stand there and have everyone admire his nice chest and that beautiful thick long cock of his:)

#3) I just might post for a "circle jerk" this evening. Men being men "spanking their monkeys":) Grunting and groaning till they crank a nut out:):)

#4) LOL.. yeah right coach, sure you just warming him up for the main event..

#5) Holy F-ck, is that his, um, ah, um, meat sporting a healthy boner:) I yes, I have a pit fetish so I wouldn't mind getting at that ripe pit:)

#6) OH yes, Saturday night is alright for SUCKING COCK:) I think Elton wouldn't mind.

#7) Ah some good clean fun...If your into that.

#8) Well I have a boner NOW.. hell I see a naked dude coming out of the sauna, and my mind can conjour up all sorts of naughty deeds, that were done:)

#9) Ah this #13 is not unlucky, nice show of his cock and nice buns:):)

#10) Yikes...

Thanks Koba, for the hot post

Koba said...

We're getting another big winter storm here today and tonight. Sux because my partner is skiing in B.C. I already shovelled a foot and a half of snow in the last storm and started on this one, but I'm saying screw it. I'll get the neighbour's son to snowblow the rest tonight or tomorrow. We have a new snowblower, but I've only had a very quick lesson on how to use it and I don't feel comfortable learning on the go!

uncle barry said...

My heart goes out to you from Balmy Dallas Tx.
Send me some pictures i think you have my email