Friday, January 2, 2015

Thank God it's Friday! (And I have it off!)


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wow, very hot First Friday of the year Koba, also glad you had the day off.

#1) Koba, hope on the day off, you got to the gym today, and got some of this:):) Opps, hope the bf doesn't read this.

#2) Wow, nice ass, and what I can make out, a nice cock, thick:) is that Ben Affleck..??? Oh my goodness didn't know he had those "goods":):)

#3) Hey there, handsome Ginger-snap, show us the meat:) BTW, nice big nips.

#4) Heck, you can give me the finger anytime, as long as you let me lick those big balls.

#5) Those two young handsome dudes are enjoying watching someone "snap their carrot":)

#6) Two beefy hotties getting spruced up, before they hit the hay for some bad boy play???:):)

#7) Now that's a true lover of the cock:):) I so can identify.

#8) Ah yes, nothing like a cock in your mouth and jerking yours at the same time:)

#9) Nice beautiful dark bush with a lovely thick uncut cock:)

#10) OH yes, I got my dose of protein today to:):):)

Thanks Koba

Koba said...

Thanks, Scott! And yes, No. 2 is Ben Affleck as he appeared in Gone Girl. It`s very easy to miss in the film, so I'm glad to have found this!

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Nice, real nice, I"ll keep coming back to that "little gem" form time to time to get a look at handsome Ben's nice tushy and that nice slab of meat, he has between his legs:):)

Now everytime I see him on TV or a movie I know what he's "packing":)

Thanks Koba.

uncle barry said...

#5 "Ok you suck his dick while I eat his ass"
#7 I have never seen a man swallow a dick like that other than my self. BRAVO!!

uncle barry said...

#6 So You What To Watch Us FUCK?

Anonymous said...

very nice movie and dick #2