Friday, August 1, 2014



Anonymous said...

What a joy to see the Burgess brothers together...a lot of hottness in one family!

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Hot 1St day Of Aug Koba

#1) With a pic like that, you bet I'll be at the gym today.

#2) Now those are some "brothers" that I would like to meet:) What a nice looking group.

#3)Wow, Jamesson has a nice thick cock and a nice full ball sac:):)

#4) Hey young man, looking real good:0

#5) Oh yeah, it's Friday, I better get some cock in my mouth tonight:)

#6) I know I should be looking at his oozing cock, but LOOK at those hairy big thighs.. SWEET.. Imagine those over your shoulders:):)

#7) Nectar of the gods:)

#8) Masculinity at it's finest:) Get's me hard.

#9) Oh boy, bro's could I ever do you both, front and back:)

#10) Yes, beside giving someone head tonight I want a "bodywash":):)

Thanks Koba