Saturday, August 2, 2014


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Scott said...

#1) Hey lifeguard cutie, you taking a "cock break" because if you are, I need some cock to mouth resusciation.

#2) Oh don't you worry dude, I'll put those balls in my mouth.

#3) Thanks Koba, a double Summer treat, pits and balls:)

#4) Nice full lips, on a hefty cock:)

#5) Love all of what nature gave him, and like the tat work that he had done to himself.

#6) Oh my, beautiful eyes, chest hair, and furry belly, leading down to what looks like a Great Bush.

#7) Hey football player, you can get on top of me, just like that, it will be MY pleasure to help you out of your cup and jock.

#8) Well we definitely know one is enjoying that kiss:)

#9) Now that's a nice pic for the Summer. A big beefy dude wearing Long John's!! I wonder just how long it is:):)

#10) Ah, "catching your nut", does a man's body good.