Friday, August 22, 2014

Thank God it's Friday!


Rick Jeans said...

Let the weekend begin
4 and 10 is hot

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

#1) That's one nice way to get your shower in:)

#2) Wow, I'd be smiling to, if I was the proud owner of the piece of meat between my legs:)

#3) Some neat tat's on this dude. Really nice chest.

#4) Open wide, that is one fine thick piece of dark meat:)

#5) Oh my!!!!! Toto, I don't think were in Kansas anymore:(

#6) Wow, some large feet on this dude, oh yeah I see everything:)

#7) Stay just like that, and I'll be there soon to sniff those pits, and if I have time, suck your stiff cock:)

#8) Ah there's my boy, Cayden stuffing his nice medium thickie in his boxer briefs. Also has an awesome body and gives it his all in his vids:):)

#9) Wow that's some drink he's having for himself, a little warm for my taste.

#10) Nice, body.. traps, chest, arms.. I bet he could get himself out of that jam:)

11) Oh hairy dude, I would do you up so fine, and looks like your ready..

Thanks for the extra pic today Koba:)

karl said...

They are all SO SO beautiful...what my mouth would do to them, it would fair seize up it would!

a{GAY}tekeeper{iam} said...

oh YEAH!

uncle barry said...

#1 that tickles! Could we try it up my Butt?
#4 Take It Like You Mean It!!!
Who is #8?
#10 "Do you like it? I picked it out just for you!
Happy Birthday and I hope you enjoy the Wrapping! !

Anonymous said...

uncle barry I'm shocked at you, you don't know the infamous Cayden Ross. One hot passionate porn star, with a great medium Thick cock with a nice mushroom capped head.