Saturday, August 23, 2014

Weekend Warriors!


Rick Jeans said...

Let the weekend in the great outdoors begin! Wow, to that first pic! And second

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

#1,2) Wow, nothing else to say:):)

#3) Very, very nice treasure trail, that leads to a nice bush and cock:)

#4) Wow, nice cocksucker with AWESOME ARMS:):)

#5) I love football, I love football palyers, I love big hairy linebackers. I want to service them all after the game BEFORE they shower. Football season is just around the corner:):):)

#6) Holy cow, those are some teats on this dude!!!

#7) Hey after I sniff your pit, can I suck on that nice cock of yours?

#8) Nice hairy hunky dude, just not sure what sport he plays. With that said, I want him to turn around so I can see his hairy ass:):)

#9) Rugby players are HOT, This dude is definitely fits the bill. Woof.

10) OH my, I think robe guy wants more than just a towel, and I think he's going to get his wish:)

Thanks Koba

uncle barry said...

#8 can holster his foilie in me as long as I can polish his rapier!;-)
#4 Just need make room for me to be the creamy center of that desert☆

Anonymous said...

Holy Nippity Nip Batman, kinda chilly this time of year in New England.