Monday, August 18, 2014

Back to the grind...


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

#1,2,3) Oh yeah, Koba, that's the kind of gang shower at my gym, and I LOVE it. Can discreetly look at all shapes and sizes of all kinds of men:):):) I be there later on today.

#4) He keeps rubbing that young man's cock like that, three is going to be one huge wet spot:)

#5) Working dude on his break? or Sportscaster in the locker room? Love it, one good sized piece of beef in his mouth, another in his hand and another in the waiting:) Wherever he is it, he's going to leave a happy camper:)

#6) Cock all around for this young man. Just don't look at, they grow if you put your mouth on it.. Trust me:):)

#7) LMAO.. notice the arrow pointing down on the chalkboard, and his Dick point "UP":) Good looking teacher.

#8) Wow, Now that's a mouthful of cock:):) Medium THICK..sweet


#10) Men in suits, enjoing their "cock break":):)

Thanks Koba

Stan said...

first three set is hot as fuck!
Lots of looky Lews going on.

uncle barry said...

I'm not sure which is bigger in #9 his guns or the bulge in is spandex! Would like to personally investigate ;-)