Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday Ramifications!


Rick Jeans said...

Hot post today. The man by the gate is hot!!

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

#1) Wow, if that cocked wasn't curved, there would have been some "buttered buns".. HOt

#2) I know it's not Ass Wednesday, but man oh man that is one nice ass that's being taken care of:)

#3) Love to be in that tub taking care of his cock and balls, and yes those TOES:):)

#4) Yikes, Ouch.. Oh my

#5) Wow, I see a foot long dog in this pic.. and some mayo being made:):)

#6) Oh yeah, this dude likes it up the butt!!

#7) Oh handsome, in a New York minute, I would get your hard, and take your seed:):)

#8) I love this pic, because I love SUCKING COCK:):)

#9) Oh my!!!!!!!

#10) Two dudes about to enjoy a good meal:):)

Thanks Koba..

Ray's Cowboy said...

Number 7 for me please. I know How to get through a fence.