Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday Hotness!

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Anonymous said...

Scott said...

What a ballsy post today Koba. I go "nuts" over balls...

#1) OH yeah ginger, show me those nuts.. Nice, real nice.

#2) What you can't see, is that I am at the other end of the tub, sucking on this handsome dudes toes:)

#3) Like what your "packing" dude:)

#4) Nice body on the dude, that is having his meat tendered to:)

#5 F--k I'm envious. I have to find a thick cock to swallow today:):)

#6) It's settled, I'm having pigs in a blanket for breakfast tomorrow:)

#7 Nice cock, Great ball sac.. I could stay down there all day AND night:)

#8) 69, I LOVE it:):)

#9) UM, Ah, just let me say he has a great cock and beautiful balls. Now what the F--k are on his nips!!!!!

#10) My pic of the day:) Now that dude has BALLS.

Thanks Koba