Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday Ramifications!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...


#1) Tattoo dude has a damn thick cock that just popped out of that "pucker"

#2) Booze+Boys = Playtime!!

#3) Many a "Full Moon's" see at the gym:)

#4) Oh yeah, he'll catch just the right combination of sweaty man smell and bust a nut:)

#5) Ah, young love, maybe their first kiss. So Sweet, so innocent.

#6) Oh that's a new way to lube up a dude's ass: Warm lemonade:)

#7) Another sweet pic: I need to fall in love:)

#8) Wow, Now that's a deep sucking. He better like cock, because that dude's not going to let him up for air, till he gets his nut off!!!! and there has to be a lot of juice in those balls.

#9) Hot looking beefy dude f-cking that dude with his meaty THICK cock and fat balls:):)

#10) Hell, I would pass out, and and up in the hospital if that THICK COCK WAS GOING UP MY HOLE. This dude must me hungry for that cock.

Thanks Koba

uncle barry said...

#7 " You let me shave you balls, Now you're worried I might cut your Face? "

Anonymous said...

"Holy hydraulic lift Batman, I think that young man is going to hit the ceiling."


Rick Jeans said...

I'm with Scott, wow! Thick!!

Ray's Cowboy said...

I want the Men In Group &.. Number One Looks Like It Would Kill Someone.