Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday hotness!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

#1) Now that dude has and by the looks of it a nice thick cock

#2) Show the dudes a piece of meat, and there on it before you can say "Johnny be Good"

#3) Oh my, look at those hairy legs, I like to join him, oops, I just saw a beefy foot at the other end, he's already entertaining:) He's having a ciggy, so maybe they just "finished"..LOl...

#4) Woof, everything, but especially that COCK:):):)

#5) Oh I see that hairy dark pitt, and what a nice hairy chest and "treasure trail"

#6) Wow, sucking cock, and getting pissed on.. hey if that does it for you, go for it:):)

#7) Big Black Thick BANANA, getting a good sucking..F-cking hot...

#8) Oh my!!!!!

#9) Love that tuft of manly hairy sporting from his jock):):):)

#10) Just beautiful..pits, nice body, nice bush, handsome man:):)

Thanks Koba


Stan said...

Love the two slaves in the 2nd pic.
#5 and That last guy are fucking awesome!

Axiom2001 said...

Let me get my mouth ready to receive and work into a frenzy of #s 1---2---4---7---&---8!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy strike a manly pose Batman, is Madonna taking that pic?

Last pic

Ray's Cowboy said...

3, 10 and 1.



Big Red Satyr said...

Hey, thanks for posting my pic (the two boys suckin' my cock) on 8/7. I'm glad you like it. (I sure had fun taking it!) If you want to see more of my play pics, check out my tumblr