Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to the grind...


Ray's Cowboy said...

1 and 2 for me please.


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Hot post Koba..

#1) Hot looking dude in the gym showers, f--k what's not to like. It certainly will get me to the gym today. Is it just me, but how lucky are we,(men into men) that we can hit a gym and see naked dudes all around the locker room. Wouldn't a straight guy love to shower with the women. and discreetly look at all the.. (well you know...)???

#2) LOL.. Hot guy, that needs to really nut bad. Wonder if he going to full that blue bowl, with his churned butter:):)

#3) Now that's a mouthful of cock.

#4) Ah, dude your be spurting in not time. If that is a used jock, there has to be some heavenly male scent that your pick up:):)

#5) OH yes, you just stand there and look pretty young man:)

#6) Maybe two "buddies" getting off, before they go to work:)

#7) I do like me some beefy college football boys bonding:)

#8) I find this pic extremely hot. Maybe the AC went on the blink. LOL...:):)

#9) Dude, awesome "treasure trail".:):)

#10) Oh yeah, memories, Friday night, I had a dude give me an awesome facial:):) SWEET

Thanks Koba