Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ass Wednesday!


Rick Jeans said...

Yum! Love the self play and looks like he could suck his dock while fingering his hole!
The first one is hot with the hair!

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wow, great Man-Ass Wednesday Koba, a little of everything:)

#1) My day at the Beach would be getting a spot behind this dude, so I could look at that beautiful hairy ass all day, without him knowing. So hopefully he keeps reading, and I'll keep looking.

#2) Oh yes, both dudes enjoying, I mean just look at the young man's expression, as that tongue lightly touches his "pucker":)

#3) This dude is proud to show his hole, "butt" I'm looking at those fat balls that I wold like to get in my mouth:)

#4) OH my, nice smooth, beefy/bubble butt, with nice hairy legs and nice hairy forearms:):)

#5) I like the way this dude stretches before a jog. Jogging does his butt well:)

#6) F--k ya, to be "behind" this dude in the showers or locker room, and just watch and stare would be heaven. Freaking nice beefy smooth butt, with awesome hairy legs, and oh yes feet:):):)and how dare I almost forget to mention that dark hairy pit:):):):):):):)

#7) Nice, finger in hole, makes for a very hard cock!!!! oh, and just noticed some sweet nectar:)

#8) Well you would certainly know you were with a man with this hairy dude. I wouldn't mind sampling his hairy hole:)

#9) OH I think Mr, Jamesson is going to dive in that "pink pucker". Love those loose nuts on that dude:)

#10) Heck, I can see why someone would make a huge gooey mess looking at or fu-king this dudes beefy hairy man-ass.

Thanks Koba

Stan said...

#4 talk about smooth as a baby's butt. I still like them hairy too.

uncle barry said...

I know this was supposed to be about asses but I fell in love with the legs on #6

Anonymous said...

Holy Buttered Bum Batman, that looks mighty fine.

Last pic