Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday Hotness!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

#1) "Umm, don't just stare at it, it's not going to bite, now dry it off,"

#2) Do they, OR Don't they want to play.... being men, their cocks will make the call!! They will play:):)

#3) Their's my Thursday Hotness". Hairy, muscled, tightie whites containing a Thick cock.

#4) In the woods, at the gym, in your bedroom, doesn't really matter, where you get your shot of protein, JUST get it:):)

#5) That is one big mushroom capped head:)

#6) Whiff, Whiff, ah dude you got the scent that makes me HARD and HORNY:):)

#7) Ah, the beautiful outdoors.. You see all kinds of wonders of the world.

#8) Young man, don't get you tighty whities all twisted in a knot, someone will come along soon and take your nut.. Hell your ready for them.

#9) Ah, he made a spots bet and lost, now straightie has to pay the piper. Oh well he's going to be in for a sticky gooey surprise.

#10) I suddenly got the urge for a chocolate eclair:):):):):)

Thanks Koba, hot post

Stan said...

#3 for me. I also like where that first pic is going.

Anonymous said...

Not that it has to be enlarged, put dudes if you enlarge Pic#1, that is one fine piece of thick uncut dark meat.