Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ass Wednesday!


Rick Jeans said...

3 and 8 for me please! 1 is hot too!

Anonymous said...

Scott said...
Hot Ass Wednesday Koba.. SWEET

#1) Oh yeah, inspect that tight "pucker", nice and clean? now go in for the kill:):):):)

#2) F--k ya, have seen plenty of beefy bottoms like that at my gym, makes my heart go pitter patter:)

#3) You got it dude, I'll get on your butt, cock, and balls:):)

#4) OH my, I think this dude is all set. That looks like a mighty big toy.

#5) Oh Big Boy, if your looking for my place, I live in Massachusetts, bring that beefy butt and those hunky legs of yours to me, I'll do All the work.:)

#6) Hell I'll wash your Back, Bum, and Balls for you:):)

#7) Nice little tushy, with nice loose balls:)

#8) F--k, dude, I just made a gooey mess in my boxers, taking in a whiff of that fine hairy hole. Hell that's one fine ass, love your pucker hole, nice cock and ballsto:):):):):):)

#9) Koba, you really pushing our "buttons" today. I have that for lunch. Great MAN-ASS:):)

#10) Now that dude, knows how to rim, get right in there, DON'T BE SHY:):):):)

Great Post Koba

Stan said...

#2 Fuck yeah! Love those locker room sights.

a{GAY}tekeeper{iam} said...


Anonymous said...

Holy Full Moon Batman, what a heavenly sight in that locker room!!