Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday Ramifications...


Rick Jeans said...

Good day for ramming! Lucky white guy with two black men

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

#1) You can hold his hands down, but I really don't think he's going to give you much of a fight:):)

#2) f-ck ya, take in those manly smells:)

#3) Sniff, whiff, nice musky pit smells mixed in with the seabreeze.

#4) Nice connection being made. SWEET

#5) Ah, now isn't that a nice sight, three beefy butts about to get "BUTTERED":):) Love to being watching and hearing these dudes.

#6) Man could I go for a Smoors right about now.. Hot pic, very hot pic.

#7) Dude you keep that up your pucker and your be getting a dallop of cream that fly's over your head:)

#8) See you at the gym handsome about 6 P.M.

#9)Young man getting plowed. My oh my...

#10) I wan to be a third at his f-cking.. I would tongue that tight little pucker and then get some cock and balls:):)

Thanks Koba

Stan said...

I envy that lucky pig bottom in the sixth pic! Fuck yeah!