Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tuesday ramifications - And Happy Canada Day!


Rick Jeans said...

And happy Canada day back to my fellow Canadian
Big hugs, Rick

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

"Happy Canada Day" Koba, enjoy all the festivies.

#1) Now that's another benefit for having a gym partner:)

#2) Hey handsome ginger, you have a monster of a cock there.

#3) Man, would I love to see this hunky guy crank out his nut.

#4) One of my favorite postions, can get at his cock, balls, and taint. This dude has the right idea.

#5) Look at that nice tummy fur. Oh and his cock is easy on the eyes to. lol..

#6) Oh my, flexible big dude, SWEET. I wish I was in on the fun getting a lick of that fine chocolate.

#7) Oh yeah, no holiday here, I'll get to the gym Koba.. The pits will be ripe today..

#8) Oh the "BOYS" seem ready to play.

#9) Hey Handsome, you can go lower, we can take it, I think!!!

#10) Oh my, I'd like to lick the center of this candy bar. SWEET,
White and Dark chocolate.

Thanks Koba..

Axiom2001 said...

"I want all who are in photos 1 - 10!!!!"

Axiom2001 said...

#10 ...would love to stand on the sideline and watch Sean Xavier, a friggin' friggin' hottie have his very hot ass be plowed into oblivion!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah it's Summer, time to let the dogs out!! Pic#8

Justin said...

Fuck me pic 2 and 7. SO HOT

Anonymous said...

Brad said...

It may be hot as Hell, but dudes always find time to jack their cock. This dude has a nice firm grip on his meat. Pic#3

Ray's Cowboy said...

I want number 9.. I do hope you had a Great day yesterday. Canada day


Koba said...

Thanks, guys! :)