Saturday, July 5, 2014



Anonymous said...

Glad there were no numbers with these pics. They are some how distracting. Probably easier for picking the Cock of Week though.

Rick Jeans said...

The the guy in the first pic my way
The next few are awesome hot
The last one makes me think of you

Stan said...

#3 Paul Wagner all weekend just imagine!

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

#1) Hey handsome, I envy that stomach of yours.

#2) OH yeah on your knees as you please:):)

#3) There's my man, Paul take those socks off, and show off those hairy legs..SWEET

#4) What a beauty of a "treasure trail". I think those women are enjoying looking at your butt, hell who could blame them.

#5) I have to get on this dudes sniff nip:):)

#6) Looks like a fighter with a mean cock:)

#7)Fuck ya, take in those smells.

#8) OH dude, he doesn't need the hand on the head, he know's where the beef is..LMAO

#9) Nice, real nice hairy dude. Oh and I didn't miss the cock head poking out:)

#10) OH yeah, it's certainly a beauty to admire.

Thanks Koba..

karl said...


Anonymous said...

AXIOM2001 said: Would love to spend the weekend with



Anonymous said...

treasure trails!!!! hot hairy on hot bodies ;0....